At Heads Up Porting, we pride ourselves on outstanding service. Check out some of the things our customers have to say about us!

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"Got the head on the dyno late last night.  Dude, you did a good job
            on this one.  It made 63.2hp and 38.2 ft. lbs. tourque.  It is the 
            best one I got!!!!! By the last practice session I did, Chris Carr 
            started out over a straight-away ahead of me and in 15 laps I
            had passed him and recorded the fastest times of the day.
            thanks for all you hard work and dedication on this thing - I
            am excited!!!"

- Bryan Bigelow – Grand National #11

“Heads Up Porting is Smooth, Reliable, Unbeatable Power! Heads Up Porting is #1 with Sharp Racing.”

- Glen and Kathy Sharp - Owners Team Sharp Racing

“Right off I can tell your flow work on the CRF250X head has made a huge difference. Where once first gear was appropriate, now second gear works just fine because the engine refuses to die in the tight rocks and uphills. And, the throttle response is much crisper right off the bottom. Thanks, Heads Up Porting!”

- Jimmy – Lifetime trail rider and enthusiast

“My motor is so awesome. I love it! Thanks for all you have done.”

- Ashley Boham – WMA Pro #12

“AMAZING!!! Not only is the power stronger, but the power delivery is dead on for motocross. On the big hills and long straights the bike will just keep pulling and pulling. I am very satisfied. Everyone that rode my bike compared to theirs came to the same conclusion - my bike had a lot more power and the power delivery was usable across the power spectrum.”

- Rob – Vet B Motocross

“Great all around power. Could stay even with the big bore KTM's and Husky's on the straights and she pulled hard up those hills. We were 5th gear from the start to the first turn and I had the hole shot and lead. One guy also had a Honda CRF450 and going into that first turn both races his front wheel was at my back wheel. But then again he weighed about 170 lbs. and I weigh 230. So what I'm saying is she ran good!.”

- Steven – Vet Supermoto

“After you ported my new CRF250, it has more power EVERY- WHERE. Man, it is a lot more fun to ride. Thanks Alot.”

- John – 125 B Motocross

“Thank you for the great job you have done on my son’s Motorcycles. He has had a couple of practice sessions on the KTM-65 and has been able to catch and pass some of the faster riders that were previously out running him. He says he really notices that there is plenty of power to clear jumps that before he would struggle with.”

- Frank and Derek - Motocross

“It’s WAY FASTER and actually easier to ride! A very fast motor with a very smooth power band. I love it!”

- Darwin - CRF450X trails rider

“'Wow dad, I just leave it in third and it pulls through the corners now' That’s what my son said the first time out with his new motor. Mission accomplished on focusing the low through mid range power for my son’s KTM250 SXF. We couldn’t be happier; the throttle response is instant yet very predictable. The motor rips out of the gates and pulls hard through the corners and jump faces. Thanks for the great product and your personable appr- oach. Can’t wait to do it again.”

- Mike & Andy Tombolato 125 C/School Boy motocross

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